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Acknowledging that entertainment plays a vital role in your holiday experience, we have invested considerable in animation to ensure that you and your family will have the best possible time during your stay.

With a detailed program covering six days out of the week, you can rest assured that there will always be something to keep you busy throughout the day.

Get up from your bed and start your day with some stretches before you move on to playing darts, French balls or practice your aim through archery courses. Aqua-gym, beach volley or cocktail / coffee games will soon follow and if you are still not exhausted join us on the pool for some water polo or water volley or simply head off to the beach for some sunbathing.

In the afternoon dance lessons or football matches will take over while towards the evening try not to miss the diploma ceremony of your child! Whatever you do, remember that evening shows such as youtube, king for a night, Broadway musical and Mamma Mia just to name a few, await you at the Orfeas Entertainment bar alongside your favorite drinks and a very joyful atmosphere.

Kindly note entertainment & animation programs are available from the beginning of May to mid of October.