Environmental Policy

The Management of the SUN BEACH RESORT, is focused on its respect for the environment, by protecting it from the impacts of all of its hospitality services, accommodation, food & beverage and leisure. For this purpose, an Environmental Management System has been established, implemented and maintained, according to the requirements of ISO 14001:2015, which is continuously improved for its performance and effectiveness.

Specifically, in this context, our company is committed to:

  • Systematically follow and implement the relevant Greek and European Community Environmental Legislation, as well as other requirements of interested parties, applicable to the activities of the hotel services provided.
  • Have all the necessary permits and licenses related to the protection of the Environment.
  • Identify, analyze and evaluate the environmental aspects by applying continuous effort to limit the adverse impacts of its activities on the Environment, aiming at avoiding or minimizing environmental pollution.
  • Operate its facilities in a way that aims at saving and sustainability of natural resources, the reduction of gaseous pollutants emissions, water use, solid and liquid waste, energy consumption, noise, other environmental nuisances, the implementation of actions to reduce impacts and adapt to climate change, protect biodiversity and protect the natural environment in any possible way in general.
  • Concern about the continuous education, training and motivation of its staff in order to acquire environmental awareness and responsibility.
  • Develop and implement Environmental Management Plans to minimize the environmental impacts of its activities.
  • Periodically monitor the implementation of all measures and processes, in order to ensure their effectiveness as far as it is possible.
  • Inform subcontractors, suppliers, associates, staff, customers and all interested parties in general about its Environmental Policy and seek to cooperate with them on environmental protection issues.
  • Set environmental objectives and evaluate periodically, at least once a year, its performance in meeting those objectives, in order to achieve continuously improvement.

The Management of the company has appointed as its representative for the Environmental Management, Mr. George Tselios, the Hotel Manager, who has the authority and the responsibility to implement and maintain the Environmental Management System, as well as to coordinate the Environmental Management Team. In this context, he reports to the Top Management regarding the performance of the EMS, including appropriate suggestions for its continual improvement.

We call all partners, suppliers, staff, as well as recipients of the hotel services and every interested party to support its effort and contribute accordingly to the protection of the environment and the achievement of the goals of our Environmental Policy.

The present is at the disposal of all relevant interested parties and is communicated with every appropriate means.